In-Ear Monitors

We proudly use Alclair Audio custom in-ear monitors. They are a great company with amazing monitors for working musicians! We currently use the Tour Triple & Spire models. 


Electric Guitars

We endorse these beautiful handmade guitars built in Austin, TX! If you're in the market for a quality boutique instrument check them out! We use the Zuma model in our live sets.


The Incandescent uses Hacksaw Custom Drums. A boutique drum company in the PNW Hacksaw builds and refinishes vintage style drums. Zach currently plays a vintage Rogers 4-piece kit.


The Incandescent represents Murat Diril Turkish made cymbals. Incredible looks, tone, and musicality!

Drum Sticks

We proudly use Regal Tip drumsticks! Quality precision-made sticks for the working drummer! Zach currently uses the 8A's.

Bass Guitars

We endorse this incredible bass company from Chicago, IL. Lakland' are some of the best feeling and best playing instruments out there! Shane uses the Decade Model.