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“Being in a band is like being on a roller-coaster. It has its high points, low points, twists, turns, and surprises. But at the end of every excursion it always comes back home.” 

We’ve been traveling around the Pacific Northwest (and the country) for almost six years now. When we first started playing music the roots at home hadn’t grown very deep so it was easier to leave. But in the time since a lot has happened in our personal lives. We’ve become husbands, fathers, friends, and pastors to our community. So each time we hit the road it gets a little harder to leave the people we love behind. 

Being on the road is an adventure and is extremely gratifying but it is definitely more of a single person’s game. When you are away from your wife and children you go about your day knowing there’s a piece of you thats missing. Its an internal struggle knowing you are where you’re supposed to be, but the distance is hard to work through at times.

Thankfully technology has taken the edge out of being gone. Its so wonderful to be able to FaceTime those back home! Being able to see their faces and hear their voices makes it a little easier to be away. Its not the same as being able to be there in person… But being able to visually connect with loved ones helps us cope better when we’re gone for on longer trips. 

Home was inspired by the landscapes and events that we see each time we leave. We’ve spent many hours driving along the Columbia River Gorge, traversing the plains of central WA & OR, and breathing in the smoke from burning wildfires. Its a realization that we’re away doing the thing we’re created to do. But, acknowledging that our minds are fixed on those we love back at home. Its also an honest confession that we can’t wait to be back in their embrace! 

When you travel to our hometown back in Washington you will eventually hit this spot on interstate 90 called the Sunset Hill. Its a high place West of our city. When you reach this spot at 2-3 in the morning (which is often the case for us) you can look out over the valley and see the city lights as they stretch out for miles in each direction. Its such a comforting feeling to take that scene after being gone. Theres a mental sigh that I hear whenever we reach that place that says “We made it!” and I know we’re just minutes from being back with our loved ones…

The old adage says “Home is where the heart is” and I would have to agree with that! Don’t take it for granted, and please remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop ;)

- Andrew

Posted on October 21, 2016 and filed under Song Stories.