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Rambler | We're All Ramblers In A West Coast State Of Mind

For those who may not know, our band is based in the Pacific Northwest region of the US. We are proud to call Washington State home and are pumped to say we’ve been born out of Northwest culture! Some might read this and think “You like it when it rains, are extremely snobby about your coffee, and write melancholy music” While some of that may be true… We believe that our sound has been inspired by the spirit of adventure that just oozes out of the Upper-left-coast 

When you come to the PNW it only takes about two seconds to realize “I could lose my-self here”. There are mountains, rivers & lakes, beautiful cities, and more that a person could spend a lifetime exploring. Thats what I wanted to try and harness in this song! 

Rambler came about after a heavy season of travel. We had taken a long cross country trip to the southern tip of Texas to play at a couple festivals. Things didn’t exactly go the way that we hoped and the trip back was a struggle in itself. But, thats another story for another time… When you live in an area of pristine natural beauty you can sometimes take it for granted. Its always there and is a part of the symphony of life in the Northwest. When you leave and realize that not every place looks like where we live, it allows you to take on a whole new appreciation for it.

Thats where the storyline of Rambler comes in. We follow this young, adventurous, Rambler on a quest to see what lies in the unknown beyond his reach. I picture a rambunctious young person skirting across the front porch of his mid-west home, headed west seeing what kind of adventures he can find for himself. He's a good kid with a great heart but just needs to satisfy that longing to see the world. Some might say he has #wanderlust and is looking to write his story in the mystery of whats out there.

It seems we all have that longing to be carefree and spontaneous. To drive down a road we’ve never been on. Or, hike a mountain simply because its there. The spirit of the PNW finding and making your own adventure has been instilled in us and our music. We don’t want to settle for just ok, I want to see what lies just over that horizon and answer adventures call!

So challenge yourself! Do something out of the ordinary, take that new trail, call that special someone, drive down to the river and jump in! You might just be glad you did!

- Andrew

Posted on September 30, 2016 and filed under Song Stories.