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Skylines | We Sing These Songs Because Hope Deserves An Anthem

Skylines is about regret, disillusionment, and hope. Regret that I carry from past mistakes… Its an honest conversation about the times that I screwed up being in relationship with others. The song is a sobering coming of age realization that the world doesn't work the way I thought it did. Its a tribute to the people who aren’t perfect, and carry baggage from their past around. We reflect on all these things within the song… But the predominant message we want people to walk away with is one of hope. Hope that something better is ahead… 

This was one of the most interesting songs we’ve created as a band. This tune was different in the way that all the music was written before there were lyrics and melody. That was a huge first for us. There’s typically a lyrical & melodic structure in place before we start arranging the music. Skylines was very different. The feel, vibe, and tone of the song called for something else, something we hadn’t said before.

As I reflected on the situation that surrounded Full Speed Ahead, there were things to say that were outside of my normal box. It was stretching and also empowering to simply write honest lyrics over the music. It also worked as a therapeutic outlet to voice some of the things I was struggling with internally.

Skylines follows up with the young Rambler after he’s lived some life. He’s had his adventure, things didn’t go as planned, and he’s running from a relationship thats left unresolved. We’ve either been or know of someone whose been in this position before. Burned out but maintaining that things will get better in time. The songs says “I’m running to the light”. When I wrote that it felt like a picture of holding onto hope even when things are not looking good. That hope or light that I have is The Lord, and if we’re running toward Him with our baggage He’s faithful to restore us. 

The world we live in is full of people who have no hope. they’re looking for an escape… a refuge… a reprieve…  As things get crazier politically, socially, and even spiritually I believe its our job as the church to be ambassadors of hope to the world we live in. We can bring it in our words, actions, relationships, and art. Lets start being the anthem that hope deserves and pull people to the light as we run for it ourselves.  

- Andrew

Posted on October 7, 2016 and filed under Song Stories.