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Undiscovered | The Song That Almost Didn't Happen

So, weird way to start story right? By saying the title track of our most recent project almost never happened. Let me give you some history……….. The year was 2014 and the band had been going through some changes that were very drastic. Our old drummer had left the band, and we were working with a new guy to bring him up to speed. Weird season, lots of emotions, lots of change, lots of uncertainty…

If you’ve played music you know that losing a drummer is like losing your own heartbeat. The situation around the exit of our old drummer made it even worse. It honestly rattled us and made us question if we should (or could) continue on. In full disclosure, there was a season where we actually decided to stop being a band. Thankfully, God had other plans and brought Zach into our lives!

As a result of our old drummer leaving and Zach coming on-board I feel like we went through a bit of an identity crisis. Trying to figure out who were were musically. Yes the old songs were still there and we enjoyed playing them, but we felt as if it was time for something new. 

The Undiscovered was the first song that was written after all this change happened. Over all we felt good about the way the song played and then our world shifted again! 

It started at a winter camp early in 2015. As we were warming up before a session we began playing a rockier version of our song Worth Fighting For and the fire ignited! We spent the next several weeks re-vamping our catalogue to fit with this new style. When it came time for The Undiscovered we re-wrote the song 3-5 times and it never seemed to work! Frustrated an irritated we literally canned the song, cut our losses and moved on.

That July our bassist (Shane) had the idea of putting a more NEEDTOBREATHE feel on the song. I grabbed my roommate’s guitar and in an instant of momentary inspiration a new song was born! We were pumped! It had everything we were hoping for! The rest of the band dug it, and it wasn’t long until the current version manifested and was ready to go!

The message of the song is simple and in your face. We are un-tapped agents of change in our world(s). When we can band together, love well, reach out to the hurting, and stop accepting the status-quo, we can impact the globe in profound ways! 

God wants to redeem every story. He did it in our band, He allowed us to do it in the song, and He wants to do it in your lives. Will you join us in being The Undiscovered?

- Andrew

Posted on September 23, 2016 and filed under Song Stories.